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HARMONY AI APPLICATION The Harmony Artificial Intelligence App is the core of the Realbotix product line; Using this app you can create a unique version of an A. complete with custom voice, personality profile, and on-screen avatar. The Harmony app is currently still in a development phase.

We will be launching in app stores but are offering early access to the app directly through our website at this time to help the development of the AI and the systems that support it.

This is achieved using neodymium magnets embedded in the skin of the face in key locations, with corresponding magnets on the skull base; some of these magnets are stationary (anchor points), and some are movable via robotic actuators inside the head.

The term "Animagnetic" was derived from the words animatronic and magnetic.

Robotic Head System Our initial robotics efforts are focused on animating the head and face.

We feel that this is the logical place to begin, as human beings spend more time looking at, and reading emotions from each other’s faces as we interact.

Realbotix welcomes custom work and may also consider licensing this technology in the future.Vision system: We are currently in development of a vision system featuring stereoscopic cameras in the robot's eyes, one near field camera and one wide angle camera.The eyes themselves have removable fronts, so that the eye color can easily changed by the end user.By using a Bluetooth speaker equipped skull cap (available here: Click for details) you can also connect the Harmony A. app to your current doll while waiting for the robotic systems to be released.For more information on Realdoll and the various doll configurations available, please visit the Realdoll website directly at

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