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So I have been on a dating site for a while and met a few guys already none of which care that I'm pregnant it's the first thing I told them what do u think about starting a new.

Relationship when pregnant I wouldn't start dating while pregnant. Once your baby is born you should be putting your time and effort into your new LO.

It sucked because he even dropped the Love word, and was buying stuff for Sophia. I've asked girls on my fb pregnancy board, and a lot of them actually met thier now husbands while prego.

While that one sucked, I got back on the site, I was lonely and secretly wanting to experience being prego with someone. Just be honest, up front, and let them know the baby comes first.

It is very important that you are honest to your date from the start that you are pregnant.High school friend started messging me n now we don't spend a day without talking...He doesn't care that I'm pregnant n says if we were to start dating or something then he would be the man my ex won't be....It can be difficult to find a date at the best of times and it is no exception being pregnant.Some men run a mile when they see a pregnant woman as they assume they will end up looking after the baby with you, but others are fascinated and find pregnancy highly attractive.

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